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?UESTIONS: Traum Diggs

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Writer and hip-hop artist from Brooklyn, NY, Traum Diggs has an impressive repertoire. He has opened for the likes of Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, Styles P and Pharoahe Monch. The single Sax Fifth Avenue Flow”released independently in 2012, a respected and love track with underground hip-hop fans provided a spotlight. Along with music, Traum Diggs also co-hosts on 'A Guest In The House' podcast.

What makes you happy and thankful?

Spending time with my loved ones.

What message do you want to give others?

Don't be afraid. Feel fear for sure but do not be afraid. That's what I tell myself.

Who or what gives you your superpowers?

I would say The Eternal and my ancestors. I'm powered by all and who got me here.

What in nature inspires you?

Babies. I've been around a few babies recently and I'm fascinated by their alertness. They're really tapped in.

Tell us about yourself and your creative moves:

I am actually in a bit of a transition right now creatively. It used to be once a day I'd think of a rhyme; then once every 5; now it's more once every 10. I have a few verses that I haven't recorded that I may consider laying but as far as new material.

I'm not sure where Traum Diggs is at right now. I am hosting a podcast with my guy Dr. Mickey Hess called A Guest In The House. I'm enjoying that.

"We need to form a human chain back to the ancestors" Culture is Free will be linking up with Traum in the near future to find out more about his new project, The People vs The Anti-People. Keep informed!


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