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!CON: Brenda Holloway - Every Little Bit Hurts

Brenda Holloway in a blue sequined top looking at the camera

Born and raised in the Watts projects of Los Angeles, Brenda Holloway is a gifted singer songwriter and violinist. She began singing in her church choir and took up playing the violin. With such a dynamic range and depth, Berry Gordy was impressed and signed Brenda to Motown aged 17.

Said to be the female face of Motown when Mary Wells left the label in 1964, Brenda's debut was a second recording of 'Every Little Bit Hurts'. She was one of the few acts to write her own songs.

In 1969, Brenda won a lawsuit against Berry Gordy for the rights 'You've Made Me So Very Happy', she was the third singer in short time-after Mary Wells and Kim Weston -who successfully took legal action against Motown.

The Artistry of Brenda Holloway, was released in 1968, the year she announced her retirement from the music business. She later married a minister and raised three daughters, returning to music in 1980 with the gospel album Brand New. Holloway's records remained popular on England's "Northern soul" scene.


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