The Doom Brotherz are one part of The Guerilla Godz - a collective of celestial beings. Fuelled by the untainted enjoyment of fantasy, the duo's unpredictability and energy is encapsulating.

"The Doom Brothers are myself (Solomon Strange) and The Man in The Mask. We are the anti-heroes of the new renaissance, sent to realign the balance of sound and the universe."

Solomon Strange

Interview with The Man In The Mask

Bandcamp: The Doom Brotherz

A scientist of sound in the realms of reggae and dub and a pioneer of unbelievable proportions. Dennis Bovell.

Born in Barbados in 1953, reggae guitarist and bass player Dennis Bovell (Blackbeard) moved to the UK and was one of the key figures on the London reggae scene of the late '70s, both as a solo artist and a producer. He co-founded the British reggae band Matumbi.

Dennis was a key figure in the early days of the lovers rock genre. He is also known for fusing disco rhythms with reggae, most notably with the hit song "Silly Games" by Janet Kay. In 1980, he wrote the score for Franco Rosso's film Babylon. Along with the music for the 1983 television drama The Boy Who Won the Pools and Global Revolution (2006).

With such a musical range - he is the master of all styles. With such immense skills and abilities, he is bigger than a genre, he is MUSIC.

Bandcamp: music:dennisbovell

Instagram: @dennisbovell

Facebook: dennisbovell

Soul, Jazz Poetry. Black Ivory was Wanda Robinson's first spoken word album. Her work can be seen as a precursor to Hip Hop. Unhappy with her treatment from the music industry, Wanda left and changed her name to Laini Mataka.

As Laini Mataka, she has several books of her poetry published:

1988 - Never as Strangers

1994 - Restoring the Queen

2000 - Bein a Strong Black Woman Can Get U Killed