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As Africa’s economies and populations have grown, China has reaped the rewards.

Now Africa’s largest trade partner, China is the biggest player in the continent’s infrastructure boom, funding and building highways, railroads, ports and presidential palaces.

Such presence has brought claims of bribery, racism and a 'new form of colonisation'. Kenyan artist and painter, Michael Soi, has created the collection “China Loves Africa” which questions if China is the latest in a long line of outside powers focused on pillaging Africa’s natural resources.

In memory of Khadiji Saye

Life is precious, art is mighty. Please check out Khadiji's body of work, captivating and a powerful memory of her creative being.

Khadija Mohammadou Saye (30 July 1992 – 14 June 2017), was a Gambian-British photographer. Her photography explored her Gambian-British identity. Khadiji sadly died in the Grenfell Tower fire.

The Philippines has an estimated 14- 17 million Indigenous Peoples, living in the North to the South of the Islands. Spared from Spanish or American colonisation, the mountains is where most of the sacred groups dwell, allowing them to practice their traditional ways of life.

In the face of colonisation, the communities embrace their ancient customs and traditions, preserving cultural identity. However as history goes with cultural peoples around the world, the tribes remain some of the most poorest and most disadvantaged members of society.

Despite the systemic discrimination and exclusion they face, including policies on lands and forests, the Indigenous People have historically opposed with full passion.

To this day, the Indigenous Peoples of The Philippines are fighting against corporate business that force eviction, harassment, massacres and other forms of human rights abuse.

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