?UESTIONS: Visual Goodies

Sculptor, illustrator and muralist, Visual Goodies embraces the spirit and mystical warmth from our ancestors. Wielding cosmic power, his art is distinct and limitless.

How important is expression to you?

Expression is everything. Our very existence is the expression of some force or being that we barely understand. Expression has allowed us to build upon and create a mytho-historic narrative that helps us make sense of it all. Black expression is vital because our control and output has been extremely limited in recent times.

Black representation has fallen victim to stereotypical, fear based cultural myths that have even influenced our own depictions of ourselves. Its important that we recreate and control our narrative to have a better understanding of the past present and future of universal blackness.

What inspires you to create?

I'm inspired by what's done long ago and what we have yet to do (ancient futurism) . I’m inspired by the many expressions of nature, music and art. As a visionary imaginative artist most of my inspiration comes from the unseen parallel realm.

Indigenous people were inspired by reality but were comfortable deviating from realist depictions for original expressions of what they were seeing. I appreciate reference based work but it shouldn’t be the standard that all art is measured by. Imagination in combination with technical ability is priceless. My favorite work is a combination of the two.