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?UESTIONS: Roasted Kweku - Living Art

Beautifully surreal - Awuku Darko Samual's work embodies an energy of darkness and light. Inspired by his culture and the people around him, the conceptual photographer creates a compelling visual story - true living art.

The Animal in us - @roastedkweku

The animal in us..The kind of energy we wild makes us special. We are all giants in out own dimensions. But you must learn to unleash it. The reason we seek for answers isn't to know but to rule our own existence even though we seek knowledge through that. Just allow your animal out but control it.

What has influenced you?

The people around me have influenced me a lot, because where I am based there are more struggles than happiness. My background story is based on mostly disappointment and neglect, I use that to bring out beauty. Even though the concept speaks of sadness, the picture is colourful and beautiful.

What we face @roastedkweku

What we face..What we face is the beauty of this world and in this situations are experiences that makes great stories. Remember what you see today won't won't be ugly forever but a time will come where you will see beauty. You will emerge from the darkness.

Won't you invent? @roastedkweku

Won't you invent? It's really difficult, yes it is. But is it necessary for everyone to know? Can't you learn to wipe your own tears and mask yourself with a smile? Do you know the number of people who wants to see you in your vulnerable situation? Can't you invent to suit? When ever you complain remember there are numerous solutions than complain.

Labelled man @roastedkweku

Labelled man. When you are labelled a man. The responsibilities are immense. Deeper than what I thought as a kid. I thought life was easy as a man. Until life became demanding. You feed yourself and others depending on you will  not consider what you might be going through. Plus the demand from our partner I wish our wife's will put themselves in our shoes to see how the label man is depressing.

What feelings do you wish to invoke?

I just don't want people to feel how I felt, so if my concepts speaks of sadness of everyday life - the body of work can make you smile and rethink the world.




What inspires each concept?

My inspiration comes from people around me, my pain and their struggles, but with this I want to put out happiness. So at a glance the image captured is to give you either the feeling of nostalgia or feeling of happiness.

Why? @roastedkweku

Why? I am asking the skies. Why is the world full of ups and downs? Why are we following all the rules but we still getting problems? Why have we put on our full amour but it still feels we are unprotected? Why?

Learn the balance @roastedkweku

Learn the balance. .What I have noticed with us humans is when we get too comfortable we forget where we were and where we come from. When our situation gets a bit sweeter we totally forget that nothing lasts forever and we over enjoy until we lose everything. Learn the balance. Sweetness is the opposite of bitterness, so as sweetness to sour. Don't forget when things are getting better for you. Know to contrast the pain and the relief.

What philosophy do you live by?

I just want to be great so the youth can learn that through the pain we go through there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am a spreader of hope.

Truth is beautiful @roastedkweku

Truth is beautiful..The only free spirit the one who let's the truth out even if it might kill. Those who hides the truth gets killed both spiritually and physically by their own conscience. The truth truly sets you free indeed. Let it grow in you and blossom so others see.

Images courtesy of Awuku Darko

Instagram: @roastedkweku

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