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?UESTIONS: Pugs Atomz

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Hip Hop, Art and Community - Pugs Atomz has a creative catalogue that spans wide and embodies pure culture.

An MC, Designer, Muralist, Radio Host the list goes on. With the roots of hip hop running deep, Pugs Atomz shares art that challenges and inspires.

What inspires you to create? 

Music, Art, Politics, good conversations, for me inspiration is all around. But my foundation would be Chicago Hip Hop in the 90's, the graffiti and performers on the trains. My Parents and the different neighborhoods I have lived in.

A need to express my ideas/experiences in sound, and color. Changing the expectations of what is expected and what it looks like.

The legacy of Jacob Lawrence, August Wilson, AfriCobra, African Art. My friends and associates that keep pushing the ball forward.

Can you tell us about Englewood Arts Collective?

The Englewood Arts Collective is a group of talented Artist/ Entrepreneurs/Creatives that all share a history in, and vision for Englewood and have been individually on the ground in the community for some time. A lot of us have been friends for decades. Something that I discovered time ago, I would collaborate with artists and find out later we lived a block apart as kids but never knew each other but shared the same memories of  the neighborhood.

The E.A.C. comes together to do public Art, activations, teaching, community outreach, and to inspire the next generation of creatives. Changing the narrative of Englewood is the goal; we have some amazing things on the horizon.

Image by Pugs Atomz

Are there any philosophies that you draw inspiration from?

Don't leave any money on the table lol, but most importantly "To transcend the ‘I’ or ‘me’ for the ‘us’ or ‘we’" - AFRICOBRA

What is next for you? Any projects you would like to share?

I recently released "The Moon" an album about relationships with Australian Producer Inkswel on Sonar Kollektiv records that feature Georgia Ann Muldrow, Blu and all the homies. Available On cassette and silver vinyl.

My animated short "Lost" will be  screened in a few festivals this year and next. Tons of public Art with my bro Dammon Reed and the #muralsrus crew. I also just released an Indigo stuffed bear, the first in a series.

Next up The Englewood Arts collective is doing an activation at our mural site (59th and Halsted) Englewood Halsted Gateway on October 31st from 1pm-4pm. Tap in at

Check out my Art brand 

I do bi-weekly drops of prints, t-shirts, bags, shoes and other clothing/accessories.



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