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?UESTIONS: Michelle Jackson

Updated: Jun 18, 2022


Michelle Jackson creates Art that depicts a story, challenges and brings light to the unheard. She represents empowerment, uplifts and inspires.

How would you describe your Art?

I would describe my art as moving and detailed. I am primarily a portrait artist, I have always been intrigued with faces. From the shape to the shadows, and all the highlights, faces are very challenging to me....and I love a challenge.

When I am not working on commissioned portraits, my passion for women of color combined with social injustices become the center of my artwork. I like to focus on images that tell our story in a way that transcends culture.

My choice of medium is pencil but I also like to work with pastels and watercolor.

What inspires you to create?

Creativity for me is a mood. Just like sadness or excitement, art comes over me and I get in a space to create. Music is also a big influence for my creativity. Music creates an atmosphere that makes me want to draw.

I believe when you are born to do what you do, inspiration comes from within more than anything. My parents were musicians and my husband is a musician. I think music and art go hand and hand.

How has life influenced your work?

My life has been plagued with self inflicted wounds, poor choices, and just bad ideas. But five good things came from this, which are undeniable and those are my children. I figured if I have it in me to create such beautiful humans, I must have some good in me.

Even still it took years before I was able to clear space in my life and begin to draw, after laying down my pencil to focus on being a single mom and all that comes with that. My kids are all grown up, my life is much simpler, and I have an amazing husband.

I am in a different place in my life and I have time to focus on art. When I am drawing, I am in a clear head space that lets me be a version of myself that has no history and no future...being in the moment is something I can never take for granted.

Drawing is the only time I get to leave earth without dying.

What is your personal philosophy?

My personal philosophy on life is less is more. The best things in life are not complicated or grand. I spent a lot of my life wishing for more, but the longer I live the more I realize life is composed of precious moments.

When I started drawing I did it because I love drawing...simple as that, it has evolved into more, but for me it will always be as simple as doing what I love.

All images courtesy of Michelle Jackson

Website: MJ Creative Art

Instagram: @mjcreativearts

Facebook: @mjcreativeart


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