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?UESTIONS: Lonnie Ollivierre

Updated: Jun 18, 2022


Echoing beauty with every piece.

What shapes your work?

I draw from life and the love for us Black people, I don't think Black people know or understand how beautiful they are.

Have you always wanted to be an artist? No. I always drew as a kid, I didn't know you can make a "living" as an Artist. I didn't chose art, art chose me. My mom was my inspiration, she would always say I was wasting my time drawing, we need more Doctors and Lawyers and you want to be an Artist.

My mom though I was a smart kid. Two things my mom said that change my life, one, you can never make a living as an artist, two, no body will ever buy your art. My mom said, the people you see on tv was special and that is why they on tv, so when ever she saw me drawing I would always say to her I was special and that's why I am always drawing.

Creatively what do you like to portray?

The world we live in is beautiful, they say God is the greatest Artist, Creator, I am just copying what God did.

What is the best advice you have been given that rings true to this day? The best advice, don't worry about the journey or destination only focus on getting better, being the best you, you can be. Nobody remembers you when you are good, but everybody remembers you when you are Great. Be great. I just want to be an inspiration, and spread love with my art.

All images courtesy of Lonnie Ollivierre

Website: L O STUDIO

Instagram: @Lonnieostudio1


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