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Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Emeson, award winning film maker, singer-songwriter, producer, the list goes on. An original member of the soul group LifeSize, club and radio DJ, actor and support artist the man has a mountain of talents. Emeson has appeared in box office films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers 2 and Kingsman.

As a film maker, he has written and directed the horror film 'The Super' and collected the 2019 Mobile 61 award at the Beertown Film Festival for his sci-fi short film 'Skywatcher'

As an actor, what has been your toughest role?  

Working on the film Nina (dir.HKB Finn) as the character Det. Insp Faulkner presented not so much tough but some interesting challenges. Faulkner was a mixed bag of emotions and wore each one at any given hour. Being directed to stroll down Peckham High Street with elbows out and barging into people who were unaware we were filming led to some interesting reactions.

What actor, past or present has influenced you?  

There have been a few to be fair. I've always been a fan of actors such as Lennie James, Sophie Okonedo, James Earl Jones and Denzel Washington. Actors who command the screen and are dynamic in any given role. Actors that no matter the script, you know they gave it their all. Their presence alone made something that was good, brilliant or even better.

What role would you love to play?  

I'd love to play a real nasty piece of work so to speak. Someone with depth and a near enough invincibility. Or maybe a nice guy who turns out not to be so nice. I once asked an actor friend what role he would love to play and he said "the next one I audition for." I think that's probably the most complete answer.

How do you find the balance between music and acting?  

The juggle is real. I love them both and when you love what you do, you have the time or the schedules will determine it. One will normally determine the outcome.

If your sound was a season, what season would it be and why? 

Summer. Yeah I'm a summer one. There's just so much to talk about.. Sun rays, warm summer nights, love, fate, inspiration, park meditations, melancholy and a tinge of sadness just before it leaves and the vibrant mood before it appears. 

Can you tell us more about The Dreeemweaver?

The Dreeemweaver project was initially meant to be an anonymous pseudonym. I had originally set up the Dreeemweaver Youtube channel many many haircuts ago, predominantly featuring music in my record collection so when it came to wanting to produce and remix under another name as opposed to 'Emeson', Dreeemweaver seemed the most likely choice.

I had done a few remixes and tracks under the new name and had been working with some artists as co-writer and producer before someone let it out of the bag that it was actually me. After the remixes, I felt it was time to put out some music also under the Dreeemweaver tag. There have been a number of tracks, a mixtape of sorts and now the Steps EP.

How important is it to have vision?

It's been said that a dream remains a dream until you have a vision and then on to an actual plan. I think your vision can drop anywhere in-between and around those scenarios. It's certainly important for me to have that. To gauge where I'm going or the things I wish to achieve.


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