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Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Enchanting, atmospheric and embodied with metaphors, Ed Brown's masterful creations honour the ancestors. Each skilfully crafted face is hauntingly beautiful.

Can you share with us why you use the human face in your Art?

I’ve always been more inspired by human anatomy and faces lend themselves to be more interesting for forming leather, what I do. Eventually I’ll work my way towards including the torsos as well but for now I’m concentrating on faces as they have more features and detail to sculpt.

What parts of African Ancestry do you wish to portray and why?

I’m more interested in the tribal element of African art for its vast artistic possibilities. The face painting, jewelry and antique weaponry are things I like to incorporate as my own individual style. I’m currently modeling my sculptures after the Yoruba Orishas which are African deities and gods. They personify strong African imaginary and traits.

Powerfully captivating, what emotions do you wish to evoke?

I would like to promote an appreciation for African art and the detail and craftsmanship I put in. Most importantly any emotion that the viewer has is a good one, rather if they like it or not. As long as it is a strong feeling that is felt.

Your work has an eternal preservation, what message would you like your art to leave?

African art has a strong cultural presence with many talented artists. I’d like my art to depict an artist who's creativity contributes with something original.

All images by and courtesy of Ed Brown

Facebook: Ed Brown

Instagram: ed.brown.66

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Amazing craftsmanshi! can’t wait to acquire a one of a kind piece!

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