From early Morning through to late Evening - DJ Raphael has a mix to relax, uplift and inspire! Jazzy, soulful, funky tracks from known and hard to find artists, each collection takes you on a musical journey.

A music connoisseur, it's no surprise that DJ Raphael has a huge internet following, with listeners eagerly awaiting the next uploaded mix.

How do you find all of the amazing tracks that make your mixes?

A lot of listening! I spend a lot of my free time just listening to a whole bunch of music. It could be from online radio shows, social media, online streaming services and pirate radio. I’ve always found the process of listening to and discovering new music just as joyful as making mixes, it takes some time and patience but it's always worth it in my eyes.

What is it that makes a good song stand out to you?

There are a few things I think, production has always been something I value along with lyrics and the message of the song. Most importantly though I think it's a feeling, I want music to make me feel something when I listen to it. It can be any emotion but if it moves me, I want it to have the same effect when other people listen.

It's hard to pinpoint because everyone’s different, but for me I would say its soulful music that makes me feel something. I value artists with their own voices that aren’t afraid to push boundaries as well, originality and uniqueness are also key in my opinion.

Who is your favourite artist past or present? What inspires you to create?

I don’t think I can narrow it down to one artist, there’s too many to mention! There’s so many that I feel have subconsciously influenced what I listen to and what other artists create. I have to mention J Dilla, Erykah Badu, Roy Ayers, A Tribe Called Quest and probably Robert Glasper as some of the major artists that first paved the way for me when I was younger and then through them, I’ve discovered a whole lot more. There’s so many more I could mention though!

In terms of inspiration to create, I think for me it's just trying to share that feeling of a new discovery or a recent pick up that blew my mind. I’ve always been a creative person and these mixes have been a great way for me to communicate and express myself outside of the everyday.

What is your process to making a mix?

There’s no real set process I don’t think, its often quite spontaneous and again based a lot on what I’m feeling at the time of making a mix. I usually spend a while compiling tracks I want to use and then begin the process. I usually record everything even if I’m messing around because it might capture something in the moment. I have to be in the right mood to make a mix as well. If I’m not feeling it, the mix is usually ends up being bland and empty.

You are a well-known DJ who is rarely seen in person – is this intentional? – What is your philosophy behind it?

It was never really an intentional thing and there wasn’t much of a philosophy behind it either. To begin with I just liked the idea of being fairly anonymous be