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?UESTIONS: Craig C. The Artist

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Bold and bright, Craig C. The Artist creates with warmth and sincerity. The power of his work reinforces the message of love, strength and community.

How would you describe your Art?

Great question, I feel that my artwork has a voice of its own. Depending on the person viewing it in that moment, the interpretation can change. I feel my artwork resonates with society, it shows positive and culturally inspired messages in under valued people.

Hopefully I’ll inspire the youth to see artistries within themselves, especially African American boys in the under served communities.

Highlighting Black excellence by using a variety of vibrant colors and bold outlines tends to make my style stand out. I also make sure to add hip hop and urban elements in my pieces that I think people can relate to.

What inspires you to create?

Inspiration is all around me from the facial expression of the person standing on the corner, different genres of music to different colors in the sky. I get inspired by all kinds of stuff, traveling plays a big part in my inspiration too. It’s hard to pen point one thing. I’m inspired by life good, bad, and indifferent. Creating art is my therapy.

How has life influenced your work? I have so many monuments in my life that influenced my artwork. As a kid, I would sketch out different comic book characters, even getting influenced by certain movies like Beat Street and tv shows like Good Times to explore my creativity through colors and techniques.

Going through everyday life inspires me to create. I realized as a teen that creating art was something I’m very passionate about. Art changed my life for the better. Expressing my creativity helps me to see the world in different ways.

What is your personal philosophy? My main personal philosophy is to always “Keep Ya Hands Moving!” Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from being GREAT!!

All images by and courtesy of Craig C. The Artist Instagram: @craigctheartist


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