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C*LTURE: Dogon People

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

In central Africa, on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert live a people called the Dogon. 

A thousand years ago, fleeing from warring tribes the Dogon found refuge. They believe all life comes from a distance dark star, invisible to the naked eye. Modern science has confirmed the star’s existence, hidden deep in space. 

The Dogon have preserved ancient knowledge and information. Over the years a ceremony has taken place where the whole spectrum of Dogon knowledge is revealed, this information is passed from generation to generation. Their symbols reveal information about the celestial universe, hundreds of years before western science. 

Striking masks and dance are performed during the Sigi. Every 60 years the Sigi is an event related directly to the sacred star. The ceremony is a celebration of the alignment of the stars, the moment when the Dogon and the star are at their closest. After decades of research, scientists confirmed that a small star orbited Sirius every 60 years, exactly how the Dogon Tribe had claimed.  

Around 2 hundred thousand live in 300 villages scattered across the land. Unique social harmony is maintained by strong tradition. Amongst the Dogon murder and theft is unknown, greed is rare and disputes are settled by debate in open forum. 

The Dogon believe in a perfectly ordered existence, they believe they are a part of something much greater than themselves, that each task, however small reaffirms their connection with the rhythm of the universal. 


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