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?UESTIONS: Kemi Sulola

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Reminiscent of the 90’s, Kemi Sulola’s silky smooth vocals are wonderfully nostalgic. Her message is clear, positivity, warmth and love. Her sincere lyrics and emotive tones spark a cord and her passion for creating is clear.  

What makes you happy and thankful?

My family makes me happy and thankful, they truly show me what love is and how to be fearless. My faith in God makes me happy and thankful because I see how he instructs me in hard times and still gives me peace when i need it.

What message do you want to give others? I want to give others the message of LOVE, that is what the world is in need of today, what we all seek and want from this life, if we really understood love, how to receive it/ how to give it we would all be in a better place. Understanding all its elements in its many roles.

Who or what gives you your superpowers?

I get my superpowers from many things I would say! Nature is one of the sources, it replenishes me and gives me the energy I need, the sun, air, food and water. Then my loved ones, again who motivate and encourage me. Ultimately both of these are given to me by the ultimate creator! I am a reflection of his superpower.

What in nature inspires you? Growth inspires me, change inspires me. Natures nature inspires me! It is not forced it just lives and continues, no matter the circumstance it will find a way to be what it is supposed to be. Like a plant outside, no one really goes to water it or feed it but it just takes what it can get from whats around it to become. So nature tells me to trust itself despite what is going around me.

Tell us about yourself and your creative moves: About me, ah this is a hard one, I'm simply just a human being trying to make the most of my life here on earth and my abilities through music, song and melody. Music is my expression and as a songwriter also I seek to use it to tell the stories of people, to be a voice for the voiceless, sometimes to entertain but mostly to uplift and encourage.

You can check out the super talented Kemi Sulola here:


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