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?UESTIONS: Tasos Stamou


Reinventing - invention. Beautifully unconventional.

Please let us know about you and your music...

I am an electroacoustic music composer and improviser, a music technologist and tutor, a studio and radio producer.

All my projects are more or less dealing with the balance between the electronic and the acoustic sound, using both means to create music. Another contrast that interests me a lot is mixing very antique and very futuristic elements, or memory and vision in other means.

I am enjoying releasing records, which I have done a lot lately, but not as much as I enjoy performing, especially improvising with other free improvisers. I am a devoted member of the London Improvisers Orchestra and I have met lot of amazing music collaborators through this artist community since I migrated from Greece more than ten years ago.

This is also the time where I began making my own compositions using my cultural heritage and my homesickness as a starting point, as well as my enthusiasm about all the new inspirations that I found in my new home.