?UESTIONS: She Does Filmz

SheDoesFilmz is an online platform showing 100% women-director films, featuring festival-winning, bold films from around the world.

Films by women directors receive 67% less distribution. SheDoesFilmz allows the viewer to discover a new cinema, women directors, more female leads and different stories. The coolest online film club!

Can you tell us about SheDoesFilmz? SheDoesFilmz is the first 100% Women Director film platform. We select the coolest films by women directors from around the world - from Malaysia, to the US and passing by Costa Rica and Russia. We want everyone to get a chance to discover all this talent we've been discovering, all from the best festivals in the world. 

There is definitely a difference in story-telling and one other thing we love is all the female lead roles - 90% of our films have women main characters. Did you know that less than 1 in 3 speaking roles are for women in the top 150 US films and that 96% of Hollywood films are directed by men? It's a breath of fresh air to see women stories, visual cues and bold, complex characters. 

We also track down all older films by women directors, from the 60s onwards. It's so fascinating. We're discovering films we never thought existed - some extremely rebellious! We have a New Wave film by Nelly Kaplan from 1968 about a prostitute's revenge, another film about women starting a revolution to take over New York. They are so fun. 

Why do you think female directors are overlooked?  Our view is that a huge part of the problem is curation and selection. The film industry is still very male-driven and I think some viewers aren't seeing the beauty or importance of some of the stories being told.  Men are selecting what is and isn't relevant, and they filter their views through their own experiences. For instance, we've all seen the Male coming-of-age story a thousand times. But so rarely the female version... On SheDoesFilmz we already have a dozen or so really powerful films on this theme. Women are making very cool, bold films, but the industry is so male-dominated and old school, that they just put them aside in favour of the same old stories and styles... Women are the innovation really! 

Can you give us the titles of 5 filmmakers to get us started?  YES - and thank you for asking! This is literally what we love doing... and actually when our subscribers join we