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?UESTIONS: Shaé Universe

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Beautiful harmonies reminiscent of the 90s, Shaé Universe delivers fresh R&B with an uplifting vibe. Promoting empowerment and female solidarity, she is a force to be celebrated.

Photo by Destinie Paige

What is your creative process?

My creative process seems to be taking longer to solidify than I thought lol. I feel like I’m still discovering it, but I’ve noticed I tend to write best when I’m alone at home. I then bring it to life in a studio session where I bounce refinement ideas off the producer.

Who inspires you?

God, my parents and siblings, my close friends, different sounds/music styles, fashion and life/being alive in general.

Has there been an experience that has shaped your journey in music so far?

I don’t think there’s been one sole event that’s done that but rather various different ones. From the covers I used to do on twitter at the inception of my music career to collaborating with/opening for music moguls a couple years later. All my experiences continue to shape my music journey the artist I am.

Who do you hope to inspire? I hope to inspire every person I encounter and every person that encounters my music/art. I ultimately aim to make a positive global difference to the mental wellbeing, faith and confidence of people in both themselves and their capabilities. Especially people like me as our life experiences are parallel.

Instagram: @shaeuniverse

Facebook: shaeuniverse


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