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?UESTIONS: Nadina Did This

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Power in Bold! Nadina is a self-taught graphic designer from Marseille, France. Currently residing in London, she skilfully infuses typography and graphics in colour and meaning.

Protest and empowerment, what do those things mean to you?

Protest means speaking up against injustice and attacks on our liberties. Empowerment means giving power to people who don't usually have it, especially under-represented and marginalised groups.

How has your background influenced the messages you share in your work?

As a Black Muslim immigrant working class woman, I'm at the intersection of several minority groups which constantly experience injustice.

Whether it’s racism, islamophobia, xenophobia, classism or sexism, these have all affected me in one way or another throughout my life. So it is very important for me to use my work to amplify the experience of people like me who are left out of mainstream narratives so they too can be seen and understood better.

What do you love about colour?

Colour is life! I love how colour can make anything more vibrant and dynamic and also how it can have a positive impact on the way people feel. I find bright colours always uplift me, that’s why I use them as much as I can in my work.

How important is the power of Word?

Extremely important which is why I use typography in my work. Words can uplift, empower, enlighten. They allow us to convey strong messages and touch people. They also allow us to tell our stories in a way that’s true to ourselves. We should all embrace the power of words.

All images courtesy of Nadina Ali

Website: Nadina Did This

Instagram: @nadinadidthis


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