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?UESTIONS: Music of African Heritage

African inspired music provides a heart beat, a powerful voice documenting social movements, campaigning for racial justice and equality.

Nteboheleng Madibo tells us more about Music of African Heritage, a record store that features new and old African music on vinyl.

Please tell us about Music of African Heritage...

Music of African Heritage is an ambition of collecting music of African inspired music and African afro, hip-hop, Latin, and experimental music. We are born out of sound; heritage is the passing on to others and the learning from the past to take into the future.

The simple message of Music of African Heritage is learning and experiencing music from other countries and people, that’s the true meaning of what its meant to be African to me.

African music in African hands, can you share the importance of this?

It’s the totem of passing our history through music, the likes of Hugh Masekela, Pete Rock, Sampa The Great. We in South Africa (not sure about other African countries), find it hard to gain access to African musicians or music.

Digital is all good but nothing is better than having it in your hands and sharing with friends and family, less screen watching and more eye contact I say!

What is powerful about having music on Vinyl?

This question reminds me of when I started to sell records at my first vinyl fair In Soweto. It was at Vilakazi street where Nelson Mandela spent the first couple of nights upon his release, after 27 years of imprisonment, with his former wife, Winnie Mandela. Number 8115 Orlando West was also where he lived between 1946 and 1962.

Having just one crate, the customer saw MF Doom - Born Like This, the first thing he said with a smile and near to tears of joy was 'I was listening to this in the car just yesterday'. He picked it up, held it close to his chest and then looked at the price tag. He then said 'are you going to take my grocery money?', I laughed a little and he ended up buying.

The moral of that story is vinyl links to memories. Physically having that memory is a reminder of the artists you love and music which made a difference in your life. That's why it’s important.

What 'Fresh Drops' should we look out for on the site?

Looking forward to bringing to the store...


“The Master” - This album brings something special and is influenced by the deeper sounds of soul and funk.


"Migration Suite" - is his boldest work to date, exploring rural and urban identity and the perilous spiritual journey from homeland to the global village.

Instagram: @ntebohelengmadibo

Facebook: MoahRecord


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