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?UESTIONS: Junior Sealy

Updated: Jun 18, 2022


Striking imagery, capturing raw beauty.

Can you tell us about your passion and what drives your creativity?

I started off as a stylist in Toronto having moved from Barbados in my early 20s and then a boutique owner of my shop L A B & iD, which I had for a few years in Toronto.

After changing the scene of what Toronto knew as fashion with my business partner and close friend Bobby Bowen, I moved to Berlin for a little bit and started to really get into the European fashion industry more and more. I started going to all the shows - front row and became a staple for magazine Street style...I was featured in British GQ, French Vogue, Hypebeast etc.

I moved back to Barbados and started building my eco homes, but since the fashion industry is pretty non existent - I would do projects for international brands and that lead me to creative direction. After about 2 years doing that, I had a friend/client ask me to shoot her first campaign and I picked up a digital camera. I was shooting film for a while but as a hobby.

I'm passionate about photography, fashion and homes. I build furniture on the side as well and my house is a self build project with one other person, "Scribbz" assisting me mainly.

How has living in Barbados influenced your skill and desire?

Barbados is a special place for me because for many years it made me feel like I had to limit myself because people here wouldn't get what I was putting out. A reason why I had moved in the first place.

My return was really for me to build something for myself and not to run. The moment I really settled into the idea of being based here, my imagination went wild and I learned more skills! I wanted to show the world what we have in this island and region.

Your photos embody feeling, can you describe how you capture such beauty?

My photography is always about connecting, that is the key! Also, I shoot with natural light alot and I think that makes things feel more real. The process for me is important since I really spend time talking to my subject, engaging them in a way that allows them to relax and give me a story through our connection. That is really what I'm capturing!

Please tell us about Re::claim Barbados and Loyalty and Brotherhood

Re::claim Barbados is my furniture side - its a project that had been birthed by myself and my business partner Ji-Young Choi-Forde, who is an incredible interior designer and family! We take used furniture that is full of culture, then remake it in a more modern aesthetic, while still holding onto certain elements of the original piece. It's a way to use what is around us instead of creating more things, making the past work for the present.

Loyalty and Brotherhood is my clothing brand, something I should work on more because we had a really great run with a few celebrities like Tinie Tempah, Lila Ike etc.

The collaboration bag we made with local bag brand Ayola was well received. The brand has now been more geared towards custom pieces for artists, celebrities and friends but in the future will make a comeback for some capsule moments.

What future moves would you like to make?

Future moves - I want to continue shooting for major magazines - while growing my craft as a photographer. I'm looking forward to selling prints, making photo books and doing shows as well. On the other side of my life, focusing on becoming more eco and sustainable, growing my food, building more spaces and letting people enjoy all those things.

Life is now blooming but things are also in many ways getting harder. I want to create a sense of safety for my loved ones and spaces where people can relax, be inspired, be nurtured and be appreciated, as we appreciate the earth around us.

All images courtesy of Junior Sealy

Instagram: @juniorsealy

Loyalty and Brotherhood: @loyaltyandbrotherhood

Re::C L A I M: @reclaimbarbados


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