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?UESTIONS: Goldi Gold

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Expressive, bold and powerful. Artist Goldi Gold uses his creativity as a foundation of unity. Thought provoking, his art is an honest expression of Black culture, with a nod to Hip Hop. A visual illustrator, Goldi Gold has an amour of art, including a clothing line, CDs and more.

A true creative with a real sincerity for what he does. Check, check, check him out!

What does your art represent?

My mission with my art is often to create a relatable reality, as close as possible without getting extremely complex to lose the viewer. To feed them more then enough information with the visuals that they won't feel uncomfortable to ask questions and learn from the experience. Overall, I try to rep for the people and culture.

Who are your major influences?

Honestly I can name a bunch of famous very well know people, but my crew/brothers influences me the most. Off top, Flux, Mr. Soul, Miya, Shah Wonders and Kermin Middleton. Their dedication to their art is alien like. I feed off it to be a better artist constantly.

Then you have talented people like Ash Nash, a thinker. I love the way she thinks which adds to the thought process to be better. Also my humble but very passionate artist peers Lex Boogie, Will Feagins, Keef Cross. All just dedicated in their craft in their own way to influence me heavily.

If your artwork were music, what would it sound like?

It would have to be a dope beat with a change up in the middle. It's the best unexpected 2 for 1 deal you can get when listening to music. That's usually my thought or approach when creating art for the massive. Have them thinking I'm gonna have something one way but give them something different for the win..hopefully. hahaha

What is your vision?

I don't really know, sometimes I stay with a game plan but it's tough to have a vision when you still figuring things out with self. That's why my alone time is very important to me, it helps me figure out what I already know.

I soak everything up day by day, so I won't miss that moment of reflection to projection.  

All images by and courtesy of Goldi Gold


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