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Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Emcee and beatmaker, Dillon. Poetic and playful but always with an important message to share, his storytelling skills are reminiscent of the golden era of hip hop. Also a chef, he creatively combines his love for cuisine as part of his performance. Dillon has always got some heat cooking.

What inspired you to start making music and share it with the world? Comedy at first! All my first raps were parodies of what was out at the time - this was 6th/7th grade for me and I was born in ‘83. Mainly R&B joints too.

I used to think I was singing my ass off! I didn’t start making my own music until I went to college at University of Florida in 2001 and at that point I was more politically charged with my music and whatnot. It was the vibe in the states at the time with Bush II and all that.

I’ve always been inspired by the culture itself and have always wanted to be a torch bearer of what was considered the ‘true school’ when I was coming up so that’s always an inspirational factor as well. Where do you find inspiration? I know it’s cliche but literally everything! Food, art, literature, memes, pop culture, my friends/heroes - I soak it all up and try to filter that out and present it back as my small personal experience in this vast thing called life that we all share. How would you describe your artistic style? I would say it’s ’classically trained’ hip hop rooted in jazz with a 90’s aesthetic but still a contemporary and often comedic approach. Does that make me an asshole? Lol What superpower would you have? As a Libra I’m obsessed with balance and fairness. I’m hella OCD about that. I’ve always said my superhero power would be ‘muting other superpowers when I’m around’ - basically - when I’m in the place - no superpowers, we all on the same playing field. Now what?!?

What's your favourite thing to do outside of making music? Eating, cooking and growing food in that order. Taking care of my house plants. Studying history. Drinking coffee. Copious amounts of consumption of all my favourite stimulants. What inner force shapes your artistic concepts? Without getting too deep - I’m constantly driven by my desire to reach my own personal potential. Then outdo that and push it forward again. For ME. Everyone’s path is different. Comedy and cynicism are my tools for that I guess.


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