?UESTIONS: C. Flux Sing

Painter, illustrator, muralist, and digital artist, C Flux Sing. Not content with just a canvas, C Flux Sing's art is limitless. Interesting and unpredictable, his art is a salute to the ancestors, presented in the modern world. His weapon is a balanced plate of colours, creating a foundation of pure energy and positive vibrations. Uplifting.

Does art have boundaries?

My opinion, from an overall perspective... no. Art can definitely have boundaries tho. Depending on the artist and what they choose to explore and share. The audience and what they can or willing to understand. What the masses of people accept and support. Still, that's only in certain social constructs.

Art crosses boundaries all the time to give attention to and open unfamiliar possible view points. 

How would you describe your artwork to someone who has never seen it?

Bright and electric colors that strike. Pastel blues that reminds you of clear skies we once took the time to relish upon as youths, while contemplating the answers to life's questions our parents never mentioned. Various lines that suggest movement and carries ones imagination, excitement and curiosity down the road of possibly and self discovery.

With a combination of cartoon, comic, abstract, distress and slight realism, my artwork is created to inspire the mind to explore different ways to look at life. To look at our Blackness, our power, nature, each other, self, humanity as a whole and our relation to this world in positive ways as well as to keep growing. 

What emotions do you put in your artwork?

Joy, excitement, anger, sadness, worry, awkwardness, love, nostalgia, triumph, embarrassment and more. I mix and match them at times. When there is a distinct feeling that may be in between two or have multiple feelings, it's fun to find some sort of expression to encompass them.

What themes do you pursue?