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?UESTIONS: Bruce Wayne

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Professional dancer B-Boy Bruce Wayne is widely known in the world of breaking. In 2007 he joined the internationally renowned group, Total Feeling Crew and his journey began. His musicality and artistic approach has earned him numerous titles.

Bruce Wayne righteously teaches breaking to young people who are out of the school system, as well as taking dance into prisons. He continues to develop a dance programme with children from the National Institute for Young Blind People in Paris.

How would you describe your dance style?

My dance style is the traditional US B-Boy style combined with the French technique. I'm influenced by martial arts, popping, tap dancing to say a few. My style is free form, my mind is always open.

Describe the best performance you’ve ever put on. What did you learn from it?

It was when I won the 7ToSmoke in 2017. It was a solo battle, amongst the best in France, I was ready but I never could imagine that I would have this fire in me. I took 4 points straight, putting out each dancer one by one. I learnt that day that it is important to have confidence as a dancer and also I learnt how important it is to prepare yourself for a battle: workouts, stamina, strategy...

What are the most important traits a dancer should have?

Musicality, originality and authenticity.

Who was your most influential teacher and why?

Karim Barouche. I wouldn't be who I am today without him as a dancer and as a human being. I had the chance to meet him back in 2011 and get into a close relation with him as student and master and friend before all. I was very lucky because people would say it was quite difficult to get along with him and have his respect and acknowledgement.

The Man was a myth, a true legend, a person that people were either afraid of or too shy to approach. I know some great talented dancers that refused to dance in front of Karim out of fear. Simple as that, but when you had his trust, the man had a huge heart for you. I'm glad to say that we built together and I will be forever grateful for all he taught me. May he rest in peace alongside the great legends of our time.

What message do you want to give to your students?

I want them to have fun with it and be free in their dance. I tell them to stay open minded when it comes to other dance styles. It doesn't matter to be"great","excellent" or "the best", most important is to release the desire to have fun and be happy.

What gives you inspiration?

It can be everything. A place, a landscape, a situation, a feeling first of all!

Also my passions, my crew and the people I'm surrounded by. Music of course, art in general!

What philosophy do you live by?

In the past I thought the philosophy of "everything happens for a reason/nothing happens by chance" but I think this tricky... I prefer to embrace the philosophy of life appreciation by doing what you love the most, as much as you can, in the balance of positivity and lucidity of moral.


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