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?UESTIONS: Brisk In The House

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

A connoisseur of punchlines, BriskInTheHouse embodies wit with wisdom. His style welcomes you to listen. A true messenger, he delivers the essence.

What inspires you to create?

My inspiration comes from legends that did it before me. Hip Hop is a culture I live out to the fullest and I wouldn't be me without it.

Artist like AG and the Ghetto Dwellas, Styles P, and Planet Asia are my main inspirations when its comes to rhyme format or style especially on the wonderful journey of Allah.

How important is music with a message?

Because I have knowledge of self, music with a message is the most important. I first heard "the black man is god" through my favorite artist.

I grew up loving the knowledge and verbiage of great minds on the mic. Before I read a book for knowledge, I listened to Hip Hop for it.

Can you tell us about your book "tell the truth shame the devil?

The book is about the condition we go through living in the wilderness of North America. I go into detail how western civilisation came into existence and how you can survive it.

The main theme of the book is programming and social engineering done by the powers that be. The first step of war is information, so I wrote the book to reveal the actions of devils.

Instagram: @god_cipher



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