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?UESTIONS: Boog Brown

Soulful, calm and deadly, Boog Brown has a rawness that cannot be imitated. 

Down with the art of rhyming, she embodies the energy of the hip hop golden era. Suave and sophisticated yet packed with punchlines, Boog Brown poetically showcases her skills.

Boog Brown is an amazing name, can you tell us how this name came about?

Well friends used to call me El Boogie in college. Once I started rapping, one of my poet homies was like "you should call yourself 'Boog Brown' and it stuck.

As well as an emcee, you are a poet and writer, where does your inspiration come from?

The inspiration to write comes from being alive. This journey we are on is never not magical, we just need to know how to wield our own individual magic, it can sometimes be a challenge. It can seem dark but there can never be dark without light.

Can you share with us some titles of your written work?

The first book, a chap book of poetry called "Swimming against the Current State of Mind." I thought I was so clever, lol! I just was thinking differently or so I thought. Then"Black Tie Fish Fry" was when I was obsessed with duality and how much we code switch in just about everything we do as black people in America.

What is on your mind right now?

On my mind right now? Is figuring how to untie this knot of eurocentric thinking in ways that don't serve or value us in order for us to unify.

What impact do you wish to have on the world?

I pray that I am of good service to my family, my supporters and the ones who walked before me in my lineage.


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