?UESTIONS: Antoine Hart

Passion and Power, Antoine Hart's work is soul provoking. His skill, content and use of colour, infuses harsh realities and inequalities, whilst shining a spotlight on unheard voices.

'To Many Problems'

Can you share your artistic journey so far?

I have been creating art all my life, from a young child I had a chance to go to a famous school for the arts, but I was scared of be away. I ended up going to the neighborhood school, got involved in the streets and the rest is history.

I always loved the ARTS, I would try to dabble by but nothing too much until 7 years ago, God spoke to me and told me I can do it. I have been praying and painting almost everyday, sometimes 5 / 6 times a day.

My daughter was killed 5 years ago and I put all my love for anything in my artwork. It's the only real thing that keeps me whole in life...artlife always...one love.

'Red Sky and Purple Rain'

'Coming From Work on the Cotton Field'

'How are you of God Walking on the Backs of Others'

What artists inspire you to create? I love the old artists of our past, William H. Johnson... I prayed to see the vision Basquiat saw. I love so many artists, male and female. I love to see other artists sharing and spreading the love of ART...