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REW!ND: Desmond's

Starring the late, great Norman Beaton, Desmond's was a classic sitcom set in a barber shop in Peckham, London. An important part of British cultural history, the comedy features a predominantly Black British Guyanese cast, it was first shown in 1989 and ran for six years.

The hub of the community's social scene, Desmond Ambrose runs the barbershop, with his wife Shirley and children Michael, Sean and Gloria. Desmond's old friend Porkpie and Gambian student Matthew add to the family dynamics.

The character Desmond, has a dream of retiring and returning to Guyana; the actor Norman Beaton who was born in Guyana, did just that and retired to his home city of Georgetown. Sadly he collapsed at the airport as he reached Guyana, from a heart attack and later died.

Desmond’s provided a positive insight into Black family life, different from what had been seen before on British TV.


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