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C*LTURE: Assata Shakur

Assata Olugbala Shakur spent over six years in prison before escaping and fleeing to Cuba, where she was granted political asylum by Fidel Castro. Founding member of the Black Liberation Army and former Black Panther, Assata was convicted for the murder of a white state trooper in 1973. She became the first ever woman to make the FBI's most wanted terrorist list.

A leading figure in the 70s Black activism and liberation, her case exemplifies race relations and police brutality in America. She was painted as a ruthless killer, along with a racist campaign to weaken black nationalist organisations. 

Assata Shakur’s contribution to the history of black liberation is vast, she has led a life of activism. Now in her 70s, Assata still resides in Cuba. There is still a 2 million reward for any information that leads to her capture.


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